This facial will deep clean, smooth texture, brighten & hydrate your skin!  It's a great facial to choose for the start of every season & helps with congested skin. It includes a Deep double cleanse with ultrasonic skin scrubber, Steaming, Extractions, High frequency therapy, Exfoliant treatment, Detoxifying mask & Facial massage with customized serums & creams.  Can be customized to different skin types!

75 min


This is the ultimate facial!  It's all about hydration and adding the glow! Active ingredients improves skin's appearance by stimulating blood flow & boosting hydration!  Includes Deep double cleanse with ultrasonic skin scrubber, Steam, Extractions, High frequency therapy, Exfoliation treatment, a HydroJelly mask infused with Electrolyte therapy to instantly add more hydration and radiance to your skin, finished with a calming & soothing facial massage with customized serums & creams.
This facial is great for any pigmentation issues, dryness, dehydrated or aging skin.  It's also great for congested skin!

75 min


Soothe your skin with this calming facial!  If your skin has been damaged by the sun, product, or environment - this facial will help calm redness + soothe irritation.
Includes Double cleansing, Gentle exfoliation treatment, Facial Ice Globes to calm skin, An intense hydration mask to repair skin, & facial massage with calming oils + creams.

60 min


Improve congestion, clogged pores and promote healing with this targeted facial for acne prone skin. Includes Deep double cleanse with ultrasonic skin scrubber, Steaming, Extended time for extractions, High frequency therapy, Exfoliation treatment, Hydrojelly mask & Ice globes massage to help calm inflammation.  


*Add a Hydrojelly mask to any facial for $20*
(HydroJelly Mask is included in "The Glow Facial" & "Clarifying Acne Facial.")

Customized to your skin type, made of refined algae from seaweed + kelp & infused with electrolytes to give skin a boost of hydration.  Great for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Suggested to not book a facial the day of an event.
Please advise if you are on any medication or any known allergies.

Avoid saunas, hot tubs, working out, and any further facial treatment after facial.

Recommended to avoid wearing makeup after treatment.